Products from Thirty-one, I love!

So, as I mentioned in a Facebook group for BlogHer12, I have several Thirty-one products that I plan on taking advantage of as I travel out to NYC this year. A few of the products are tried and true from last year, and a few I’ve used since, and can’t recommend any more highly. As soon as I have a chance, I’ll update with real world pics of these products.

First, let’s start with the bag that made me a Thirty-one fan.  When my mom decided she was going to start selling the bags, I thought she was nuts.  But since I was getting ready to travel to San Diego and wanted a great bag that I could expand out to a larger bag to accommodate BlogHer Swag.  I wanted a bag that would fit as a carry on as I went out to San Diego.  Enter the Expand-a-Tote.  This is by far my favorite bag.  When I flew out, it was considered “light” baggage, and I was able to board sooner than everyone else (with the babies and old folk crowd).  Not only was it good at tucking into places on the plane, but it also did a great job going through checked baggage on the way home.  I’m not joking when I say that Mom and I both have no idea which bag (she has two identical ones) I actually took. Please note, that you’ll need to buy a shoulder strap with this bag (however, that shoulder strap can be used with many other Thirty-one products).

The next item I loved was the Organizing Shoulder Bag. I borrowed one of her show models, and went months before I got my own, but that wasn’t with out constantly asking to borrow this baby.  It’s perfect when you’re going out anywhere- know you’ll need a purse that is big enough to hold your cell phone, small nook sized tablet or notebook, wallet, and has zippered pockets that ensure nothing falls out.  It fits across the body (and I’m  a heavier girl- so you should have no doubts that it will fit your body).   I recommend not getting a quilted pattern, as it makes the strap a little more difficult to loosen or tighten. Another great thing about this purse is that it easily fits in your computer bag (without being to bulky) so you can have your personal item be your laptop bag (as a carry on) and not a bulky purse.

Finally- the last item I took to BlogHer that I think is a great addition, was the Fold and Go Organizer with notebook.  This was great for holding my own business cards, as well as others’ in.  It also gave me quick access to paper if I needed to jot an idea down, while speaking with someone in the expo hall.   Currently, I’m using the one I bought while attending wedding planning appointments.  Overall, this is an excellent product that has so many versatile uses.  Did I mention it fits in the Organizing Shoulder Bag?

If you have any questions about the products I listed above, please let me know.  I am not a seller, but because of my mom’s status, I typically have access to a lot of the products to test out.

All  images are taken from the most recent (Summer 2012) catalog and are used solely to give information regarding products I love. I do not own the photos.


  1. I have a quick question about the Expand-A-Tote and air travel. When you flew with yours, did you have it expanded? I will be flying soon for a 5 day trip, and I would love to take my Expand-A-Tote fully filled. Thanks in advance for your help.

    1. HI Laura, thanks for stopping by. When I flew out to my trip, it was not fully expanded. I had it at the smaller size (and that’s what fit as a carry on). When I flew home, I had liquids that I was returning with, so I had to check the bag anyway. I used it unexpanded on the way home. Hope that answers your question, but if not let me know! 🙂

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