Herdade do Esporão- Wine

I’ve been out sick .  Allergies decided they were going to leave me along all summer, lull me into a state of ignorance and then pounce- right as 4 bottles of wine showed up on my doorstep for review.  So I had to let them sit for a week- ignoring them since I had no sense of smell or taste.  As soon as I started to feel better last Friday, Schatz and I popped the cork on this baby. We were both pleasantly surprised, especially when you consider the normal cost of this bottle is only $9.99!

Monte Velho White 2011

Winery: Herdade do Esporão

About the Winery- Monte Velho is made from a selection of Alentejo regional grape varieties.  The winery itself has two vinification processes, this wine comes from the larger batch process, yet still produces a well balanced wine. The wine makers are David Baverstock and Sandra Alves. The wine itself has won several awards in other vintages.

Region: Alentejo (Portugal).

Cost: $9.99; Online- $9.99

Varietal: Antão Vaz, Ruperio, Perrum

Winery’s Description:

Fresh fruity aroma with notes of white peach and orange peel. Pairs well with shellfish and grilled fish, soft cheeses, salads and vegetarian dishes.

What the Geek Gal thinks: I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect. When I was contacted to review this wine, I picked it because I had never had the varietal or  (as far as I can remember) a wine from Portugal.  We also were so eager to crack open a bottle that we went ahead and paired it with our pizza.  While the recommended pairings are definitely a little less intense in flavor (at least in the tomato spectrum) I think this wine paired well with our pizza.  More surprisingly was the punch of fresh peaches I caught after a few minutes. It was completely unexpected and made me very happy.  Schatz was reminded of a dry Riesling, and I’d have to agree.  If you are new to wines, but know you like a dry Riesling, you may definitely want to give this wine a shot. While I enjoyed this wine for it’s very crisp and delicate flavors (absolutely loved the bouquet- which was a little more pineapple than peach to me) I tend to prefer my whites with a little oak.  If I were to buy this wine, it would definitely be for hot days and for Schatz.  Knowing that this tastes similar to a Riesling, I would consider taking this with me to get Sushi or Thai food, as that is when I really enjoy an un-oaked white wine. However, I definitely approve of this wine and it’s price point. You should be able to find it for about $9.99.  I think this could also make a decent base for a White Sangria in the summer, or a White Gluhwein in the winter.

Review Notes- This bottle of wine was sent to me for review purposes.  While I am grateful to have received the bottle- the Geek Gal reviews products as if she bought them herself.

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