About Geek in the Home

I’m just your average geeky gal caught in the web that is the internet. I fell into working online, after being obsessed with it, my entire life.  Instead of asking for a makeup kit, or something like that for my 13th birthday, I asked for an AOL account, and began my foray into the crazy world that is the internet.  I’ve used it for everything in my life: recipes, how tos, relationships, book recommendations and more.

It’s no surprise that the internet would be where I found my mister (Schatz). He and I were married in Sept. 2013 and welcomed a beautiful baby girl (our little Bug) into the world in June 2015. This is my place to talk about our future, our hobbies and our passions.

In the mean time, here I am, living my life right here on the internet.  One post at a time!

The Geek Gal Juj-


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