A New Perfume for Special Events

One of the best tips that I read while browsing Pinterest, was to buy a signature perfume to wear first on your Wedding Day. This idea resonated with me, as I am someone who smells a particular scent and am transported to the first time I encountered it or the most memorable experience related to it.

While my wedding was almost a year ago, I was so happy that I did take this tip to heart.  About a week before my wedding, I went on the hunt with some girlfriends to some local stores to find the perfect perfume/scent.  After trying several out, I came home and did some searches to find where I could get the best deal.

I ended up making my purchase on Perfume.com.  I went with Versace’s Yellow Diamond.  I particularly liked the way this scent had opening notes of citrus with base notes that were more earthy.  I liked the way it wore throughout the day as well.

Image From Perfume.com


While I always recommend shopping in stores so you can smell the perfume’s you are considering, I suggest before making your purchase you shop that particular fragrance from reputable online merchants to see if you can find a better deal.

For example, all purchases over $59 qualify for free shipping and you can save 10% with the code: L10.

Today, whenever I use that perfume (on special occasions, when I need a pick-me- up, or when I’m feeling special) I think back to our wedding, honeymoon, and other good times with my husband.  He recognizes the scent, as well, and loves when he smells it- remembering the same events! I highly recommend (even if you aren’t getting married) purchasing a perfume to mark a special occasion.

It’s such a great way to carry your wedding day (or other special event) into the future with you!

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